Photo-a-day Projects: Ways to improve your photography

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Travel Photography

Photo a Day” or a project every day for a year. This will help you to enhance your photography skills by learning something new every day. I believe that being a photographer requires creativity and knowledge, but it is always best to have a little bit of practice too. This way you can create some unexpected and inspiring images. Success is not always about how often you win. Sometimes success can be about how much you learn and how you grow as a person.

How much time do you spend on producing images? Time is the biggest expense of photography and losing that time will affect all your studio work. This is why working on improving your skills and not following a specific schedule is the best approach for any photographer. Also, why not offer to help other photographers in the area? They really need it. Getting creative is the most important factor to your success and to your sales success. Also, having a creative mind makes you a very good at marketing as you must be able to find opportunities to enhance your abilities. Don’t just sell images; market with greatness as well. What’s your take on this strategy? Is this tactic realistic? Will the pride and responsibility of being prolific outweigh the cons? Larry Kim is the President and Founder of Wordstream, the World’s leading provider of PPC marketing software, including the AdWords Grader and the 20 Minute PPC Work Week.

Here is a compilation of images uploaded by users in the set on Flickr: Skiing Sunny Mountain Lake – by Brandon Heidari Outdoors in a Glacier-infested Snow-covered Park – by Nathan Anderson Dirt Girl Snowboard Lift In Norway – by Eric Barker Rock Climbing With A Glacier – by cre8asite Saint John the Baptist Monastery – by Kevin Carson Old Mining Towns In Alaska – by darkpatch Black & White Photography With Large Glaciers – by randfish Pretty Pink Ice – by Evan Fales A Photo Tour of the Kanger Highlands – by Johannes Eberhard Skiing on a Large Glacier – by Alexis Tsakiris Most Creative & Industry Insights By a Large Scale Pinpoint Project Creative/innovative cameras + pens, by zeejones How Old is Your Business? by chenry Impressive Landscapes Taken by Heavy Traffic by randfish Biking North Wales by chenry Shaping Personalities by randfish Kit Kat Travel-Inspired Ice Cream – by randfish Finest ice creams by Allen West Wildflowers in Ammon, Utah by Tim Kennihan Olympic Storm: La Nina by Angela Gallucci Skiing With Paddling Boards On The South Cascades by by Nils body Manetto, A City in Italy by randfish Snowskating in Vail, Colorado by Sean Kenner The Best Whiteboard Friday Artwork by Ryan Stewart Controversial Journalism – Embracing a Skepticism And the Odds that Can Drive Change by Tom Critchlow Stunt Walking On Wind & Snow by chenry Digital Photography Resources – Everyone needs good lighting and four lights 🙂 by markus.brayat Cold-Weather Flash Photography by WeGoDigital A hurricane hunter in the Caribbean – retroungelives An Epic Vietnam Sunrise – by chenry Skiing in Monterey Bay National Park – by WeGoDigital Pandemic In California – by570transactions The Burnt Town by markus.brayat What Yoga Taught Me – by Aaron Friedman California Crackdown – by Randfish Good Jobs by davidbeatrice An Ice Skating Clinic in a Gull-Folk Restaurant – by chenry Photo Essays by me Flood Watch – by randfish How Stoney deGeyter Shot It. by Koca Spring Cyclery – by Phillip Lenski Traditional Chinese Medicine – by Ryan Louis Skiing Through Humans – by domothewinters Scott McCauley on Mt.

So, here is how I do it. This article is not a marketing strategy. It is a method that has worked for me. If it is something that you are interested in, then by all means, follow this methodology. I like to do this project during my lunch or whenever I have some spare time. That being said, I will find an inspirational or random photo on my smartphone. I will play around with editing the photo a bit to my liking. These are just some of the things I do when I get back from my photography project. The first thing you should do is activate your “Photo a Day” or “Project a day” project. This is a great way to get some motivation and begin your journey. It can be like a weekly journal or a mini production. You can use Google calendar, YNAB (You Need A Budget), or just some basic activities. The key here is that you including a group of people to your project. This will make it more fun and engaging to join. There are many ways to go about this. Here are a few. For a year you can do something just for fun. You can make a list or tick a few things off your list. This can be as simple as taking notes during the day and recording them. This helps you learn a lot of things and think differently. I generally scribble three things that I find interesting. Another way is to look for “ideas worth spreading” and post them on your social media or your blog. This helps you engage with others, share good or important ideas, and provides guidance to others. This is an effective way to build your authority on a topic and connect with others as you are doing something interesting. I started doing this on a daily basis. In turn, a couple of other people started doing it too. A great tip is to include a call to action to look for your cameras. This will make people want to join your project, capture a beautiful photo with your smartphone and share it. Then you receive some more likes and comments, and you feel fulfilled for creating an art project. I encourage you to connect with this approach on social media. Share or tag someone who is already doing this and invite them to join your project. A lot of people will join your project and it will make you feel proud on seeing the good influence people can have. This will sustain your motivation throughout the year.

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