How to Prepare Yourself for Destination Wedding Photography

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Wedding Photography

Destination wedding photography is something which is on the bucket list of many budding and professional wedding photographers. This industry depends upon the connections and referrals; once you have impressed the couples and their wedding parties, chances of being hired outside your region grow exponentially. Usually couple prefer bringing photographers and videographers with them instead of hiring them locally. Therefore, the best method for success here is preparation.


Wedding photography is all about reputation. Make sure you are licensed and insured and have enough photographic equipment and high quality lenses to please both the bride and the groom. Most important of all, create a detailed guide detailing all the different angles to be photographed in the various phases of the proceedings. Remember, circumstances with changing light, costumes, accents and so on can make or break your chances of getting the job. Virtual wedding photography is a one-way ticket to a life or death situation.

As well as the total guide, a mobile version of the wedding guide can be attractive. Reading from a camera is very distracting so businesses wishing to hire a professional photographer should take extra care of producing a plagiarism free guide on their employee’s behalf.


If your goal is merely to take gorgeous wedding pictures, a dedicated wedding photography guide written by a professional will be more beneficial. In my case, just being listed among some of the top wedding photographer brands in my industry was enough reason to secure work. Beyond that, I had the pleasure of meeting several of the wedding photographers who work for them and learned great tips from their workshops.

The professionalism of the photographers and videographers on the other hand was a definite plus.

If you do not need professional shots, the benefit significantly outweighs the slight drawback.


Wedding photographer and videographer sessions are staged and ready for your entertainment. This not only gives you an idea of what the couple is like when you are not there, but also the bride and groom’s exact reactions when you are not there. Hence, being aware of their natural reactions will help you achieve better results.

Providing ahead of time is an excellent way to establish ahead of time that there is no need to worry of waiting. Building amiable and professional relations with the photographers will also make the setup of your session a breeze.

PRO TIP: Having the speakers show you the staging beforehand is always advisable. Paying attention to the way their faces show fatigue and/or brightens when they are excited about the coming events is also an effective tactic.


In my experience, wedding photographers and videographers prefer to work in a secluded room. Surrounding a dark commentary room with a bright background may causecn mixed reactions.

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