How to Choose the Best Gear for Wedding Photography

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Event Photography

There are thousands of items available for you to rent but, only some are ideal for weddings. This list will help you in finding the best suitable essentials to fit your shooting style.

I will also share the brands I have personally used and got the opportunity to try, if your budget allows it or if you just want to check them out before you go out on your hunt! 🙂 “What we are saying is that you don’t have to be a photographer to capture someone’s love story. I’ve been married one time and I’ve been planning to get married a second time. So my advice is, go for a super-casual look. Have fun, not worry, you can dress up as much as you want.” Hilary Duff, Head of PR and Events, Weddingbell For couples looking for matching wedding gear that’s great for both providers and brides, check out Weddingbell’s portable stations and stationery sets. Or dare to try your hand at pen and paper wedding planner! Also for couples looking for compact yet sophisticated stationery sets, check out PopAndQuit’s stationery collection. Pens are designed for life and wedding photography, and although there are plenty of available pens online, I suggest buying directly from the company you are working with. If you are looking for wedding supplies that can be used on both tablets and paper, then Color-pop’s glossy pens are perfect for less colored content. “You want to be able to extend your shooting time to 45 to 50 minutes if you are shooting a full day, but 40 to 45 minutes if you are shooting two consecutive days. The key is to force yourself to capture the moment as fast as possible and have a lot of fun with the process.” Meriah Choquette, Senior Account Executive & Photographer, Photographer Royalty Of course, I can’t talk about wedding photography without mentioning equipment. For couples looking for leisure and sophistication in their photography, they should invest in underwater lenses and tripods. Also, I cannot help without mentioning camera accessories! Full-frame mirrorless cameras, OLED screens, and modular DSLRs are great additions to any wedding photographer’s gear! If you are looking for other suitable photography equipment, it’s worth mentioning, snapapods, tripods, short telephoto lenses, z-sticks, tripods, and lanyards. 🙂 Apart from the above, you may also want to consider a tripod for rental. A tripod is super helpful during positioning of shooting positions as well as for holding the camera fixed. Over the years, I have learned to prefer shooting with shooting pads as shooting on-camera isn’t a viable option for many shoot locations. As a backup solution, shooting on-location has become more and more viable. I strongly recommend picking up shooting pads, monopods & tripods specifically for weddings as your shooting location will dictate optimal settings.

Helmets No matter which wedding you’re hosting this year, it is imperative that attendees wear proper protective gear. Be sure to get the right kind for different weather conditions. Most helmets are designed to protect against extreme impacts. While a full face shield will always be your best bet, being creative with these options keeps everyone protected. Luckily, safety equipment is fairly cheap—some items cost as little as $20. A full face shield (WebHammer or Crumple Face Shield) Typically $20 A light-weight weighted vest Typically $35 A stretchy wristband to better protect your hands and wrists Typically $10 Choose from the above options to fine tune your protection if needed. Wear them continuously. From day one of the wedding to the last day of the wedding accessories should always be worn. How they look at the beginning and end of your day will greatly affect how you look at them at the end.   Hair Dryers/Speed Washing Machines Make sure all attendees have hair dryers and power washers at their disposal. They are very helpful since they eliminate any barriers between people’s heads and sofas. When the room is small, it might be easier to carry the equipment in but once the party starts these machines are great for moving people quickly. Make sure to take some extra precautions to ensure everyone uses the correct settings. Know the right temperature range for drying to avoid overloading participants—also, be sure to have a hair dryer and a dedicated fan. Choose from the above options to fine tune your protection if needed. Choose from hair dryers to pick the perfect angle to dry your hair. A hot iron will work as well but a hair dryer allows you to mix and match different angles to dry your hair without the worry of getting it caught in something with multiple rotating parts. Choose from a hair washer that you can detach from the base if you’re not using it. More people want to be visible than intend to dry their hair down with the machine once it is done. Suppress this desire by choosing a model that you can connect back to the base. Pick a hair dryer and a fan to make everyone’s experience easy from start to finish. Attire Everyone appreciates the attention to detail guests give without being able to see everything. You’ll not only regret not having a “wig closet” or these perfect ties at the reception, you might also lose those perfect dress shoes. A few dress shoes are essential.

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