How to Choose the Best Gear for Wedding Photography

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Wedding Photography

There exists thousands and several of things for people to have for an ideal wedding photoshoot, so that it becomes a memorable moment for a lifetime. The list below is gonna help you to figure out, how you can have the best of it, leaving behind happy customers!

#1 Get the perfect photo backgrounds that will make the people, who are looking at your photos as a result, feel as if they are there with you! Having perfect photo backgrounds is necessary for your wedding photoshoot and you should know which ones to choose.

#2 If you want your guests to keep looking at your photos forever, placing an ivory or white background on your images is essential. If the background you picked looks dark and dingy, the photos will become less memorable. Think about how you’d feel if your photos had blacks and whites instead of a vibrant and vivid color scheme.

#3 If you’re in a hurry and picture impossible highlights, try using a subtractive color scheme. White or ivory are the best steps you can take for subtractive color photography. If you add too much color into your photos, the final result will look flat and gray. However, if you select the right background and add a small saturation to your photos, your photos will not only have the full range of tint but you’ll also get full saturation from your colors so that it’s not obvious that is all dappled with gray lines. Of course, you can easily enhance it by using highlights, gradients, and shadows, but that’s a different topic altogether.

#4 Dappling is when you add gray or black lines in between the different colors in your photos. Bright colors act as highlights and dark colors as shadows. You’d think that it’d look bad, but it turns out to be quite functional. When you add heavy lines between different colors, you’re hiding the texture between them. That’s why your photos look less painterly but more painterly.

#5 Using contrasting colors is crucial for any type of photos but especially for wedding photoshoots. For two contrasting colors your photos will have a starker contrast.

#6 If you’re not totally convinced with using complementary colors and textured backgrounds, think about how you’d feel if you saw your photo on a white background instead of a colorful one. After all, we’re in 2015, right? Portrait photography can be summed up with ‘cool colors’. Whatever you choose as your preferred background should be cool enough for your photography but also your subject too!

Overall, have a look at your wedding photos and tell me whether they’re all dappled or just very colorful. 🙂

#7 Everyone likes a comeback story and a happy ending, especially for wedding photography. For this reason, it’s important to take it seriously and answer all questions from your guests so that they’d know how to proceed right after your photo session.

Having just attended a couple of wedding photoshoots with friends and colleagues, I’m far from the first to share this.

Varying your camera and lighting set-up gives your customers unique angles and can carefully prepare for any scenario and decision your clients may make during the engagement and celebration period. Here are a few tips that can enhance the experience:

Use a smaller camera

Using a larger camera will make you appear full of yourself and give off the impression that you are a professional. Smaller cameras are preferable if you are a wedding photographer. And if you are an engagement photographer, using a smaller camera can assist you with equipment and take some of the strain off your shoulders. With smaller cameras comes shallow depth of focus and you will need extra vision to take great wedding photos. Using a larger (1.2X) camera will make the most of the camera’s capabilities. At 2X, you will find yourself using expensive flash lighting and you will stand out even more making your photos pop out and make your service more valuable to your clients.

Use as many cameras as you can get

The more people you have taking photos, the better. Having multiple cameras allows you to have a clearer image even from the same angle and with multiple shots. Being able to produce multiple images also allows you to edit footage and make adjustments for very specific scenarios.

A great way to get multiple angles is to use a telephoto lens and a wide angle lens (aka pole lens). Telephoto lenses are great for head to head portrait photos with your clients. Back focal distance on position fisheye lenses allow for incredible depth of field. There is something to be said about having the timeliness of great photos taken early in the morning on the lawn before most people arrive at the wedding venue. The florist shop, flower show, the local balloons lady or even an engagement partyiscope is preferable if you have the time. If you are able to setup a workshop, have a few super talented photographers from around town shoot your pictures for you. Think about how to help them broaden their lens and take great photos.

Best of all is that different photographers have their own preferences and they can offer accurate and unbiased opinions on the occasion, which can add more value of a relationship.

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